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Supported Post Formats

All available post formats in WordPress are supported by the Conj - eCommerce WordPress Theme.

List of all and supported post formats by the Conj - eCommerce WordPress Theme consists of:

Make gallery, video, audio, and other post types pop with post formats

When writing or editing a post, Standard is used on any post that No Post Format is specified.

  • Aside: For brief snippets of text that aren’t entirely whole blog posts, such as quick thoughts and anecdotes. Similar to a Facebook note update.

  • Image: A single image. The first <img/> tag in the post content or uploaded featured image will be considered as an image post format.

  • Video: A single video or video playlist. The first <video/> tag or embed in the post content will be considered as a video post format.

  • Quote: A quotation. The theme would add blockquote tag to the quote content automatically if the user didn't add it.

  • Gallery: A gallery of images. Post will likely contain a gallery shortcode and will have image attachments.

  • Audio: An audio file of your tunes or podcasts. The first <audio/> tag or embed in the post content will be considered as a video post format.

  • Link: For those days when you just want to share a link to a fantastic article you read which creates a post that links to external resources right from the title.

  • Status: A quick update on what you are doing right now most likely to a Twitter status update because updates are no longer reserved for social networks.

  • Chat: To highlight an interesting conversation or a chat transcript you have with friends, both on and offline.