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WordPress Editor

Within the WordPress version 5.0 release, the editing experience of the pages has​ been rebuilt to offer a genuine solution for creating media-rich content and control the layout with ease.

The editor takes all the worrying about the alignment and organization of content, quotes, and images, etc. and offers a flexible experience based on blocks so you can focus on creating engaging content instead.

What is Gutenberg

The fact that every single element in the page has its own block won’t change the way any of your content looks to your visitors preferably this feature enables you to insert any type of component or multimedia and move, edit, or even customize each one of them super fast.

The Conj - eCommerce WordPress Theme offers tons of built-in blocks, and while maintaining a consistent look and feel of your page, it displays visual elements the way they’ll look on your actual site. This lets you save more of your time which you may have previously spent previewing and double-checking your content before hitting the Publish button.

How Does It Work?

Conj and the new WordPress Editor "Gutenberg"

The WordPress editor uses blocks to turn a single document into a collection of discrete elements with explicit, easy-to-tweak structure and Conj - eCommerce WordPress Theme’s set of built-in blocks opens a opens up a path of exploration and imagination when it comes to solving user needs.

The new editor brings with it a new, effortless page and post-building experience. With blocks, you can quickly add and customize multiple media and visual elements that used to require shortcodes, custom HTML code, and embeds.