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Find Your Envato Purchase Code

Each purchase code is a unique string of letters and numbers to verify that your copy of the Conj - eCommerce WordPress Theme is valid.

Follow the steps below to find your Envato purchase code:

Download license certificate & purchase code for Conj - eCommerce WordPress Theme
Loacte the Envato Purchase Code for Conj - eCommerce WordPress Theme
  1. Log into your Envato account.

  2. Navigate to the Downloads section of your profile and locate the Conj - eCommerce WordPress Theme.

  3. Click on the Download (green) button which will trigger a dropdown list for you to choose from.

  4. Choose License certificate & purchase code (text) and save the file to your desktop.

  5. Locate the file on your desktop and open it in a text editor such as Notepad.

  6. Look for Item Purchase Code and copy the string of numbers and letters. Take care not to copy any blank space before or after.