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Control Modules On One-Page

You can control all of Jetpack’s modules from plugin’s simple interface page.

In case you want to control whether or not Jetpack’s default modules are ON or OFF, or you simply want to manage all of Jetpack’s modules from one page, you can find them directly by browsing the following address within your WordPress setup:

Follow the steps below to find the list on Jetpack’s debug page:

Jetpack’s debug page
  1. Login to the your WordPress Dashboard.

  2. Navigate to Jetpack » Dashboard and scroll to the bottom.

  3. Locate the Debug hyperlink and click on it to open the Debugging Center page.

  4. Click the Access the full list of Jetpack modules available on your site link at the bottom.

The blue border line on the left shows that the module is running. Checking the checkboxes next to the module’s name enables you to bulk turn them ON or OFF as desired.

Control whether or not Jetpack’s default modules are ON or OFF

When you hover over the module, you’ll see different options appear based on whether the module is active or not. You can also use the Activate and Deactivate buttons to control the status of the module.