Poedit Sources Keywords List

Poedit needs to know what PHP functions it must look for and get information from.

In fact, Poedit knows by itself what to look for in a .php file, but since WordPress uses its own wrapper functions to make the development process easier, this pre-programmed knowledge is no longer applicable.

Therefore, we need to let Poedit know what functions to look for and how to handle them. When translating any WordPress theme, you need to make sure to include all keywords that might be used while developing the theme in your translation editor software.

The complete list of the functions that the Poedit needs to know about are outlined below:


Follow the steps below to enter the list of source keywords:

Adding PHP functions to Poedit to look for and get information from
  1. If you don't have the Poedit software installed on your local computer, go ahead and download Poedit now.

  2. Open Poedit software.

  3. Navigate to Catalog » Properties.

  4. Click on the Sources Keywords tab.