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Creating A Slide

Slider custom post type primarily designed to help you focus on showcasing your content and engaging potential customers instead of getting bogged down with the technicalities.

The slider post type has been deprecated and may be removed from future releases.

Follow the steps below to publish your first slide post:

  1. Login to the your WordPress Dashboard.

  2. Click the Slider tab.

  3. Click the Add New sub-tab.

  4. Start filling in the blanks: enter your slide title in the upper field, and organize your slide content in the main editing box below it.

  5. Optionally, assign and/or add new group to slides before you publish them using the Groups module to the right of the editor under Slide Groups.

  6. You can change the order that your slides are displayed by using the Order field of the Slide Attributes module. As an example entering the number 1 in the box for Order will tell WordPress to display this slide first on your site.

  7. When you are ready, click Publish.

Block Template

Slider post type has a built-in predefined block template which contains a list of allowed block items. The original intention of providing UI template is to help you dive right into content creation and customize what appears in each block by default.

Organizing Slides

Slider Groups are mainly used to sort slider slides into broader groups and to describe what each slide contains specifically. For example, if you have a clothing shop, your categories might include men, women, kids, and accessories.

This way, you would be able to filter your slides and find quickly which group of them you’d like to appear on your website.